What We Do

To ascertain the best loss prevention solution, we implement the risk identification process to ascertain the requirements of our clients and purpose of the system. We conduct physical surveys of the proposed premise to strategize a security layout plan. We make recommendations by taking into account the following factors:

•    Layout and location of various entrances/exits and their frequency of use
•    Weak/dangerous entry points
•    Construction material of buildings
•    Present security situation
•    Nature of goods
•    Conditions of house-keeping
•    Location of premise
•    Specific customer requirements or needs
•    Customer budget

Other lists of products and services we provide in cooperation with our various business partners are communication services, IT consultation and services, electrical & electronics, metal works, construction contracts, lighting and building automation systems and others.

We also undertake projects where we work together with property developers, architects, interior designers, corporations and building managements to provide secure, cost effective and comprehensive loss prevention solutions.


Integrated Burglar Alarm Systems

Arrowtec is authorized to distribute, install, and maintain a variety of leading imported and locally manufactured wired, wireless and hybrid security alarm systems. The products which we represent are all technologically advanced and have had a long history of reliability in their respective countries of origin and in Malaysia as well. All our systems’ control panels have various capacities, from a simple 6 Zone system to large 192 Zone system with multiple partitions. The panels come readily equipped with LCD or LED control keypads for ease of use and programming. All control panels are equipped with telephone dialers to connect to the Central Monitoring Services or to the customer’s personal mobile phone.

The control panels can be connected to various accessories such as lighting, voice modules, smoke detectors, remote controls and to GSM dialer modules which act as a backup in case PSTN telephone lines are cut by intruders, ensuring alarm signals are sent via the GSM mobile network. Our alarm systems are teamed with a wide range of high quality motion detectors utilising various technologies, surface mount concealed contacts, photo beams, adjustable vibration sensors and others. All these can be integrated to home automation systems, CCTV systems and door access systems or lighting controls.

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